Humboldt Restaurant Promises To Bring The Farm, Fish, And Wine To 17th Street

Yesterday, >Humboldt, a self-described farm, fish, and wine restaurant, opened its doors in the space previously occupied by <strong>Strings</strong> for nearly three decades. The restaurant, created by veteran hospitality group <strong>Concepts Restaurants</strong>, promises to bring modern, re-interpreted classics and great cocktails to this 17th Avenue location.

The 4000 square foot space has been updated with assistance from architect Ken Andrews of Arch 11 and Concepts designer, Dianna Lynn. There are 180 seats total, with 30 in and around a U-shaped bar, 40 on the outside patio along 17th Avenue as well as a private dining area in the large atrium.

By opening up the dining space, the restaurant aims  to foster an energetic and transparent atmosphere full of natural light. The exhibition oyster bar and open kitchen allows guests a direct view into a working kitchen. The bar area is open and inviting, accented by a luminescent overhead bar lit from underneath with LED lights, further building on Humboldt's transparency theme.