Strings Restrung

I’ve been back to Strings once since owner <strong>Noel Cunningham</strong> died. Since his wife, <strong>Tammy</strong>, opted to close the place (running a restaurant is not her thing) the building on 17th Avenue and Humboldt had stood like a monument to a time when the restaurant was frequented by celebrities from stage and screen, along with loyal locals.

When it was announced that there would be new life stirring in that space with the occupation of Humboldt Farm. Fish. Wine, a Rock Bottom founder <strong>Frank Day</strong> project, I, for one, was happy to hear of the rebirth.

Humboldt opened about a week ago under the leadership of Concept Restaurants.

“From the instant our guests walk in and have that ‘wow moment’ to the time they leave, we want to make sure their experience here is spectacular and memorable,” said Concepts designer<strong> Dianna Lynn</strong>. “Whether you are on top of the Denver foodie scene or visiting Humboldt for the first time and looking for an amazing dining experience, we are a welcoming place for everyone.”

The remodeled restaurant features an oyster bar and open kitchen. The kitchen team of executive chef <strong>DJ Nagel</strong> and chef D cuisine<strong> Kollin Gately</strong> collaborated on a menu featuring reinterpreted classics as well as seasonal and modern cuisine.